uggs, uggs boots 55 is a piece of purse history

55 is a piece of purse history

The story begins 55 years ago in Paris when French couturier Coco Chanel first debuted her 2.55 handbag in February, 1955, the date after which the purse is named. At the time, it was quite revolutionary, introducing the shoulder strap to women purses.

Made of metal chains intertwined with strips of leather, the strap enabled women to carry a purse over their arm, thereby freeing their hands that had previously been occupied holding a purse.

The bag now famous quilted exterior, created by diamond shaped top stitching, was reportedly inspired by the stained glass windows of the abbey in the French town where Coco grew up.

Virginie Vincens, Chanel public relations director for Canada, explains that there a whopping seven pockets inside the purse. interior gusseted uggs, uggs boots pockets hold business cards or notebooks, she says. the rounded rear pocket, nicknamed the Lisa uggs, uggs boots Smile, the little pocket in the middle, designed to hold lipstick, and the zipped pocket inside the flap, which is reserved for money and love notes.

Word has it that in Coco own 2.55, that particular pocket is where she hid love letters from her various lovers.

Today, the 2.55, along with Chanel other bags, are made at a production site in a town outside Paris, where a staff of leather craftsmen, engineers and cutters assemble each bag from five lambskins as only the softest part of the skin ” the centre portion ” is used.

During assembly, bag is turned inside out, in keeping with Mademoiselle Chanel firm belief in the importance of hidden luxury ” the inside should be as good as the outside, says Vincens. The purse burgundy lining was reportedly inspired by the colour of the uniforms at the orphanage where Coco grew up.

Once a bag is assembled, it sent to high tech climatic chambers to test its resistance to varying temperatures, UV rays, tearing and water. Finally, it given a tracking sticker and certificate of authenticity.

It this remarkable craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail “about a dozen people spend an averag uggs, uggs boots e of 18 hours crafting each handbag ” that propelled Chanel 2.55 to iconic status in the accessories pantheon. It has transcended fashion trends and fads over the past half century as a timeless classic.

But you better start saving if you want to call a uggs, uggs boots Chanel 2.55 your own. It set you back (gulp) $3,200. But then, you buying a little piece of fashion history. Some would say that priceless.

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