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512X Graphics Card Review

Package and AccessoriesVertically oriented boxes uggs, uggs boots are getting more popular among graphics card makers. We seen products from Gigabyte and PowerColor packaged like that, and now Albatron follows the suit.

The box looks modern and nice although the overall impression is somewhat spoiled by the trivial picture. Being rather compact, the box can easily fit into a standard plastic bag, so the lack of a handle is not a problem. The product name printed in large letters doesn have the ending. To avoid confusion, you should remember that old, G80 based, models of Albatron 8800 GTS were shipped in a flat box painted light colors. On the other hand, the box contains everything you uggs, uggs boots need to use the card. There is no additional software, which is som uggs, uggs boots ewhat disappointing. A good game and a modern media player would be appropriate. On the other hand, not all people appreciate such accessories.

The packaging of the Albatron 8800GTS 512X is good overall, but we can recall more original products from the same brand uggs, uggs boots like the above mentioned Gigi GeForce FX5900 PV that was sold in a knapsack. As for the accessories, they might be more numerous and more modern to appeal more to the customer.

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