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45 to Fly Spirit Airlines

Indeed, up to $45 each way is how much Spirit Ai uggs on sale rlines said it will begin charging travelers who pay at the gate for each carry on bag that doesn’t fit under the seat. If they pay in advance, they get charged less $30 per carry on bag.

Spirit’s CEO, Ben Baldanza explained that reducing the number of carry on bags is a good thing. Why? Because it would help empty the aircraft more rapidly, the Associated Press uggs on sale reported him as saying. Meanwhile, Spirit’s chief operating officer Ken McKenzie said in a statement that its recent actions will “reduce the number of carry on bags, which will uggs on sale improve in flight safety and efficiency by speeding up the boarding and deplaning process, all of which ultimately improve the overall customer experience.”

The airline, in fact, i uggs on sale s trying to frame the move in a positive light by, for example, making references to reductions in check in baggage fees, concurrent with its announcement of carry on fees.

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