uggs on sale 45 Dollar Charge for Carry

45 Dollar Charge for Carry

Passengers are a bit annoyed. Spirit Airlines has instituted a charge for carry on luggage. Careful planning may help passengers to save a few dollars. The fees levied at the gate are significant:

“. The fee, as Spirit announced in April, is $45 per bag at the gate, or $30 if paid in advance. The airline has lowered fares by an average of about $40 to offset the fees, spokeswoman Misty Pinson said.

Atlantic City International Airport main carrier expects less carry on volume and a smoother boarding process as a result. “It looks like this is going to speed things up,” Pinson said Sunday afternoon.”

link: Passengers not pleased as Spirit Airlines adds fee for carry on bags

Will the airlines be more efficient at the bridge because passengers are charged for this hand luggage? Many travelers will not check through luggage to avoid the risk of having important possession going astray and to avoid the handling fees.

Once the shock of the new Spirit Airlines fees subsides, is there any doubt that more airlines will follow this way of generating additional income?

My initial reaction when this was announced a couple of months was predictable. But .

I actually read the Spirit Air spokeswoman’s reason for this fee ( uggs on sale not sure if it’s part of uggs on sale your links or not). And, she made some sense.

Spirit Air’s position is, simply, you pay for what you use/need and that people who truly want to travel “bare bones” can do so without subsidizing other passengers.

In this specific example, if uggs on sale I want to travel with only a bag that fits under my seat, I pay nothing beyond my (very cheap) airfare. And based on how obnoxious some people are in trying to push the “carry on” designation to the limit, I’m in agreement with this policy.

But I also love Southwest (“Bags Fly Free!”)It’s called ala carte pricing. Instead of the whole meal deal that comes with a so so salad and a dessert you really don’t want, each item is priced separately. Choose!

They dropped the fare $40, added a $45 fee for carryon bags. What’s the big deal? For those of us who can’t abide the struggle for overhead space, it’s a discount, folks.

There was a time, not all that long ago, when the overhead bins were mostly for coats and parcels, and rollaboards were primarily used uggs on sale by the flight crew and a few business travelers with wrinkled foreheads. And the flights boarded quickly. Now it’s an ordeal waiting for the game of Tetris in the aisle to end so we can get in the air. Maybe this will provide an inducement for people to just CHECK THE DAMN THING DAMN IT!

Oh, good, the coffee’s ready.

My son got an auxiliary vacation by riding Amtrak from San Diego to Buffalo and back, visiting me this year. He had a terrific time conversed and exchanged phone numbers with several of his fellow passengers, shared snacks and pepsis for an impromptu cocktail bash in their coach car every night, had the experience of a glorious American panorama outside the windows, AND, because there was a 6 hour layover in Chicago, hiked along Lake Michigan and picnicked with an old friend who lives there in the city before resuming his journey. And did I mention it cost considerably less than flying?

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