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1998 Lincoln town car

Richard : First I recommend checking the fuse and relay.

Richard : The fuse is 12 (30 amp) and the relay is located in the front power box ugg boots in the engine compartment.

Customer: I have check both fuse and relay all is working and i found the compressor it seems like it is not receiving any power. is there some sort of switch that needs to be pushed or some sort of reset for this

Richard : There is a shut off switch in the trunk so make sure that the switch is on. The control module will activate the relay which powers the compressor. We can jump the relay to see ugg boots if the compressor comes on. The module will receive an input from the height sensor fr compressor operation.

Customer: How do we jump the relay

Richard : Remove the relay and the pins should be numbered. Then go to the corresponding pins on the relay socket.

Richard : With a jumper wire jump the connector pins 30 and 87 and you should hear the compressor.

Customer: i’m trying the jump now

Customer: Richard i jumped the relay but the compressor only work with the jumper wire and not the relay but note that the relay is reading good. Also when the pump is working the car still is not getting air to the back bags

Customer: Richard can you share with me were the module is located?

Customer: Hello Richard are here

Customer: One last question? I decided to purchase a conversion kit for the rear. Once installed how do i clear the Air Suspension message from my dash board?

Customer: And i appreciate your assistance with this

Richard : Sorry for the delay.

Richard : If you do the conversion you cannot clear the ugg boots message.

Richard : The message is sent from th module to the instrument cluster via the SCP network. You can disconnect the module but you will most likely still hav the warning.

Customer: I just purchased the conversion kit will

Richard : I have installed those kit from strutmasters.

Customer: install tomorrow my final question once i install how do i remove the Air Suspension so it will not show on the dash board

Customer: I purchased from Advance

Richard : On your vehicle I do not think you can remove ugg boots the warning.

Customer: Coils and shocks kit

Customer: so it will show the suspension

Richard : Yes it will show the check air suspension warning.

Richard : I will re check my info buton the 1998 and up Towncar I do not think this can be removed.

Richard : I will let you know.

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