ugg boots 1998 chevy cavalier air bag se

1998 chevy cavalier air bag sensor

My daughter has a 1998 cavalier we just bought used about a month ago, she a little problem last week the car was involved with some flooding in the interior. When it came back from the shop after some repairs I noticed the airbag sensor light on, I found the sensor under the front passenger rug when I pull it out to dry. Could the water have affected it, and can I try to spray a electronic solution on the terminals to see if that will clean it. Or will I have to replace it and how much it may cost.

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Hi all, hope someone can help with my problem. My sister has a 1998 chevy cavalier z24 automatic 4 cyl. About a week ago the ETS light come on, no ot ugg boots her lights. The buzzer was buzzing when she put the key in to start it and going down the road it would go off and on. Then it started jerking and.

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Every time I accelerate my car hesitates to reach speed then accelerates normal. Same with when I am on the freeway. When I’m driving on the freeway and I want to accelerate faster it hesitates to go faster then, ugg boots finally will let me.

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We just purchased a 1998 Chevy Cavalier last week for my daughter, it has 65,000 miles. It has been driving fine, except today the ETS light went on, it was sluggish and then the car died. the engine light went on, oil etc. She started it up again and parked it, but what would make this ETS.

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Can you help me? I have a 98 chevy cavalier, while driving my rpm’s jump and

Down 500 rpm at a time. I was told it was a vss sensor. I went to a parts store and

They said the vehicle takes two sensors. I put in one, the other looks like a magnetic pick up. I can’t find out where it fits. The.

My car’s been running perfectly fine, and then last Saturday I started it up to take it ugg boots in for an oil change, and the engine j ugg boots erked and then a few seconds later cut out completely. I started it up, tried revving the engine since it seemed like it was having trouble getting things going, but nothing.

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