ugg boots 1998 BMW Z3I have a 2000 Z

1998 BMW Z3

I have a 2000 Z3 with the same problem, and it has been that way since I bought the car 2 years ago. I happened to meet the previous private owner and he told me that the right door airbag had deployed “after hitting a ugg boots bump hard” and that he had replaced the panel without installing a new airbag.

This confirmed my ugg boots mechanics assessment that until I installed a new bag I would have to live with the light because there was no other solution. He is casually looking for a used one, but I don’t even notice it anymore.

you need to have a scan done to determine where the error is. It is common for the light to come on if y ugg boots ou remove the interior door panel without the proper procedure of the key on and off. I just had a 1997 z3 1.9 has air bag light on from the code the seat belt buckle is defective on the passenger seat. I am replacing both left and right with new oem. It is common for them to fail and throw the code. The parts are 113.00 each at the deal ugg boots er.

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