ugg boots 1997 Pontiac Grand am se help

1997 Pontiac Grand am se help

The alternator wasn’t charging your battery to full its full capacity and its affected your starter and alternator. Batteries have a reserve capacity to turn over the engine when its dead cold, even though the bat ugg boots tery was charged it may not have the cold cranking amperes to spin the starter.

The battery needs to be load tested this means that it needs to be hooked up to a special meter to ver ugg boots ify its condition.

Try boosting your battery and see if the engine spins. Turn your headlights on and have an assistant crank the engine. Do the headlights dim or turn off ? If the lights turn off replace the battery.

Does the car engine turn over when you try to start it or nothing? If so then get rid of the passlock security system if you think it is a problem. There maybe some wires under the dash going to the ignition switch that are tied in to the switch. It maybe spliced into one of the larger wires. The larger wire maybe cut in half. Remove the wire to the that wire and reconnect the large wire together. I do not Know this for sure but I have had this problem before on GM cars with alarm systems.

Ask Octaneman what he thinks. Him and Wolfen1086 are helping me on my car problems.

Unless some one here has specific instructions for you here, your best bet is the google route, if you are up to the task.

Looking around google there are several salutations offered, which is best, I have no clue. If they offer a plug in box/fix that would be my way to go. Guessing that you are going to have to go into steering column anyway you go, which can be dangerous.

Always disconnect the battery first before you start! Last thing you want is for the air bag(s) going off with you setting in front of it.

The passlock sytem cuts the fuel to the motor to prevent theft. Messing around with the battery/wiring can activate the passlock/security system. There is a bypass to disable the system, which i’m not going into on this forum. I’d hate to have somone get hurt over some internet info. If the car runs after doing the reset and it doesn’t do it again you may be alright. Your best bet if the car starts is to take it to a good mechanic and have them disable it for you. ugg boots These ugg boots pontiac security systems are real finicky. Hope this helps.

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