ugg boots 1997 LHS Air BagsBoth air

1997 LHS Air Bags

Both air bags were deployed, How does the drivers’ side air bag attach to the steering wheel? I was think of replacing at least for appearance or if not to difficult for function. How difficult is this ?When removing a deployed module, rubber gloves, eye protection and long sleeved shirt should be worn, as there may be deposits on the surface which could irritate the skin and eyes.Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable Remove or Install Battery CableRemove speed control switches or covers from steering ugg boots wheel back shroud and disconnect the wires.Remove two bolts attaching Driver Airbag Module from the sides of steering wheel Driver Airbag ModuleLift module and disconnec ugg boots t airbag and horn wire connectors.When replacing a deployed Driver Airbag Module, the clockspring must also be replaced. Refer to Clockspring Removal and Installation for proper procedure.Connect clockspring, horn and airbag wiring conn ugg boots ectors to the module. Make airbag connection by p ugg boots ressing straight in on the connector. The connector should be fully seated to assure positive connection. Checking that the wires are not pinched during installation.

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