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1996 Audi A4 Quattro

Boy am I glad to be back in a real car. Not that there was anything wrong with the Mitsubishi Lancer that I drove around for the past 5 years.

Just picked up the car in the thread title. She is mechanically sound, has a new transmission and runs like a champ. The 2.8L V6 fires right up and purrs like a kitten.

The dealer/owner wanted $4500 for the car but I wasn’t willing to pay that. First thing I did was shop around and look at some other cars. Audis to be exact. I am partial to VW/Audi. I have owned numerous of them, the most recent before this one was a 1995 90 Quattro Sport. After going over the car and talking with the dealer we settled on just over $3k. a little more than I wanted to spend, but the guy had a great local rep and business is bad.

KBB value on the car in it’s present condition is about $4000 or so. But, it’s not all that bad.

The paint is in pretty good shape for it’s age but it isn’t perfect. The clear coat on the right frond fender has peeled off the first 6″ or so. Thanks to Midnight Tech, I am ready to tackle the job myself! It’s got a few minor dings in the hood (bonnet for all you UK types )

Now. Onto the reason I started this thread. I love cars and I love owning nice cars that not only run nice, also look nice.

With a car that is 15 years old, there are bound to be some issues. so I figured I would share the issues and my solutions as an on going project.

First issue. The climate control unit was acting up. The LCD wasn’t displaying and the ugg boots lights would flicker on and off. Took a look around and found I could get a replacement for between $50 and $200 depending. My unit is in good cosmetic condition, so I figured I would see what was wrong with it.

First thing I did was check the light bulbs. Simple thing to do. Run a 12V lead and ground. If the light comes on. she’s good.

All but one of the lights tested to work. so that wasn’t the issue.

Checked over the main circuit board and found nothing visibly wrong with it. Ran some trace continuity tests and everything seemed good.

So I moved on to the display board. Taking this apart was an excersize in patience. Three of the six tabs were cracked before I split it from the face plate. Took them off and super glued the one that could be repaired. Then I removed the LED panels from the circuit board and viola. There it was as clear a ugg boots s day. 4 out of the 14 solder joints were cracked!!! Heated up the trusty old soldering iron, desoldered the points. brushed some fresh flux on and resoldered all 14 joints. Then I cleaned the LED contact pads with some alcohol to be on the safe side.

As you can see. Climate co ugg boots ntrol unit is now functioning properly (with the exception of the right sides illumination being out!)

Some things are best repaired and not replaced!!!!

Being as cheap as I am. I dug through my drawers and found this nice little felt bag that my SeaSonic PSU was in out of the box. Well, I finally found a use for it!!!

Cut the material from the SeaSonic bag down to the proper size.

Cut the old cloth off of the armrest. What do you know, it’s glued to the foam as well. Was a bit of a pain to separate the glue from the foam without ripping it. Had to repair a small piece that was tore off.

The old cloth is off and I am ready to put the new material on.

Using my trusty hot glue gun and a plastic rule (not shown) I started gluing the cloth in the channel. I started with the narrow end. Applied Hot Glue to the straight section and used the plastic rule to press the material into the glue as it cooled. I then stretched the material to the opposite side and repeat ugg boots ed. Then I moved on to the sides, which I split into 3 sections. Starting with the center on one side. applied the glue and used the rule to press it in. Stretched the cloth to the other side and glued it in. Then, finished up the two sections on either side, carefully stretching and gluing. The reason I split the sides up into smaller sections was to make sure the glue didn’t cool before I could apply the material. Finally, on to the corners. One at a time, applied a generous helping of hot glue and used the plastic rule to press the edges in.

Oooh, an Audi! I was looking at something like this for a car for me, but arent the 2.8l’s kinda rare? I will be looking at the 1.9l Diesel though, dam insurance. I see you got a manual version as well, (Stick Shift for you US types ) much better than the auto versions.

I hafta say, I like VW’s and Audi’s. Have a quality that others cars don’t seem to have even the older ones. Something like even an A3 (my least favourite, after the A2 Yuk :P) or a Golf would run ring around many of the cars in its class.

Good job on the climate control and the armrest cover, the Seasonic label would have been cool

My internet has been acting up for the past few days. This is the first time I have been able to get on line without issue in 3 days.

I have been working on my driver side door panel for about as long!

I replaced the stained loose cloth armrest with 3M Di Noc carbon fiber film. Made a few mistakes, but not too bad for my first time working with the material.

One thing I do need is an easier way to remove that darned headliner glue that is used to hold the cloth. For some reason the glue will let loose when it wants to but is a PITA to remove when you want to! I tried, Goof Off, Alcohol, Naptha, Acetone, Vinegar, Goo Gone and plain old soap and water. I ended up having to remove the glue manually using steel chisels and razor blades. Took me about 6 or 7 hours to do.

I also gave the handle a fresh coat of green enamel.

The biggest issue I have right now is that there is a small gap around the armrest. I spent a good portion of today looking for some vinyl push in molding to finish it up. I have no idea where to find it!

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