ugg boots 1994 Miata M Edition Air Bag d

1994 Miata M Edition Air Bag diagnosis and repair

I have a 1994 M Edition with 123,000 plus miles. About a year or so ago, ugg boots I started getting a series of beeps form the dash five, delay, five, delay, etc. My repair person told me that it was the air bag controller telling me something was amiss and as they did not feel comfortable dealing with it, suggested I try an air bag repair shop. Said it would cost thousands. Did I me ugg boots ntion I’m cheap? Put on my own new top; replaced my old steering wheel, replaced the turn signal controller on my 20 ugg boots 00 Ford Expedition for $12.00 versus $475.00 at the dealer, etc. Anyway, it just started beeping shortly after ignition almost a turn signal type constant click, then after a few minutes to a constant beep and then after that its back to tthe five beeps, delay, five beeps delay for about 5 times and then off. I know where the d s sensors are located and the 2 blue boxes thank you. My ques ugg boots tions are: (1) does the clicking/beeping sequence indicate some coded alert as to what is wrong or is the thing just fried? (2) If fried; how hard is it to isolate each sensor and blue boxes in turn to test each one for continuity/operational status? (3) How can I test the bag/inflator assemblies driver’s and passenger’s for operational status (4) If I can isolate the defective part, where do you suggest buying replacement parts? (5) can this de done without maiming myself or blowing up my car if I disconnect the battery and let it sit for awhile so the capacitor dissipates? (6) or should I trust some guy who supposedly repairs these things and pay thousands?? Thank you for your time in reading this and even more for your reponse. Best regardsAs a Miata technician I must suggest that person not properly trained in SRS servicing not attempt to remove or replace components of the system themselves due to obvious personal safety hazards . However, technicians with SRS system knowledge and capabilities could.

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