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1994 Mercury Grand Marquis Airbag codes

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There is no code 15 but there was a popular code 51 for the internal fuse being blown and the short to ground no longer being pres ugg boots ent. If the short to ground returns the code will change to 13 (air bag circuit shorted to ground) or 14 (primary crash sensor ugg boots circuit shorted to ground) but it will only flash 13 or 14 when the short is present. If it is code 51, then first find and repair the short before replacing the diagnostic monitor (what many call the air bag module).

If you’re positive the code is 15, then the only possibility is the alternative reference which makes it the equivalent to C1414 of the modern system which is for incorrect module configuration. Earlier diagnostic monitors use a combinations of powers, grou ugg boots nds, and open circuits at three specific pins to determine if it is in the correct vehicle. If that’s the case, a wiring issue could be the cause.

I have a 93 grand marquis that is in Montana and after a recent cold morning, around 5 degrees, I wasn’t able to start my car. I have never had this problem before. Last year it would start in below zero. I took the battery out of my 97 van and put it in the car and could not start the car. .

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