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800 Found On Trash Can In Clarksville

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. Nearly $13,00 found in a bank bag on top of a trash can in Clarksville, Tenn. is back in the hands of its owner, who was hospitalized after having an adverse reaction to medication.The man took the bag of cash to Cush Market on Peacher Mill Road Saturday. Surveillance video showed him payi ugg bailey button ng for an ice cream sandwich by dumping all that cash on the counter. He then put the money back inside the bag and went outside to eat his ice cream.In the video you can see the 51 year old place the bag on top of a trash can and ea ugg bailey button t the ice cream. When he finished he walked back to his car, but left the bag of cash behind. ugg bailey button More than 40 minutes passed and nearly 100 people walked by the trash can and no one looked to see what was in the bag.The bag was eventually spotted.”My wife was sitting in the car and she noticed the bag,” said Kenneth Allen.The 49 year old went over and picked up the bag and brought it back to his car and looked inside.”And that when I saw what turns out to be like $12,700,” Allen said.Not sure what to do Allen got back inside his car and locked the doors to be safe since he did not know why the bag was left behind.”I was thinking who watching me, is someone going to see this also in my hands and is something going to happen,” Allen admitted.While he counted the cash in the bag Allen found the owner wallet.”We went to the address that was on the guy license. Tried to locate him that way. There was no answer at his house,” according to Allen.That is when the Allen went to Cush market and looked at surveillance video. But they could not determine the man identity so they later called police.Clarksville Police eventually identified the man who left the money behind.”Turns out the guy had a medical condition and he was acting adversely to the medication,” Allen said.Police have since returned the cash to the owner. MathewsFuneral Services Monday For Former US Sen. Sen. Sen. more>>A Nashville man has been accused of attempted murder and arson after he all ugg bailey button egedly set fire to a local business due to a dispute with an employee. more>>

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