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800 For Extra Bags By Delta Airlines CBS Dallas

Army soldiers returning from the war in Afghanistan had to actually pay ugg bailey button to check some of their luggage, just like civilians do here at home.

The soldiers, traveling from overseas through Baltimore and Atlanta on their way to ugg bailey button Fort Polk, Louisiana, had brought their gear back with them and Delta Airlines charged the squadron of men an additional $2,800 in baggage fees. The soldiers videotaped their accounts of what happened and posted it on YouTube.

According to the soldiers, Delta has an agreement with our Armed Forces over the baggage fees. But th ugg bailey button e policy states that for military members, three checked bags are allowed in coach and four checked bags are allowed in first class. 14 of the soldiers had fourth bags, and they cost and additional $200 each which each soldier had to pay out of pocket.

Delta apologised for the miscommunication but didn say anything about waiving the baggage fees.

Reacting to public outcry, Delta sa ugg bailey button ys it will allow members of the military to check four bags for free.

Delta Air Lines Inc. has long allowed three checked bags for active duty military members flying in coach, with charges beginning with a fourth bag. The soldiers said their travel orders allowed four bags.

The video of the two soldiers on a flight from Baltimore to Atlanta went viral and put Delta on the defensive. The video had clocked more than 170,000 views on YouTube by midday Wednesday. It has since been removed by the creator/owner of the video.

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