ugg bailey button 750 kg plastics seized in Sale

750 kg plastics seized in Salem

With usage of plastics less than 40 micro ugg bailey button ns thicknes ugg bailey button s on the rise creating a c ugg bailey button ascading effect on the environment, the City Municipal Corporation has intensified its drive against it.

As part of curbing the manufacturing and sale of plastics, health officials in all the four zones began inspecting the plastic production units, wholesalers, and retailers in the market areas.

Officials said that gauge meters were used to check the thic ugg bailey button kness of the plastics and shopkeepers were warned of action besides seizing the banned items.

they continue to sell the banned items, they would be fined according to the provisions of the law, the officials said. Officials seized more than 750 kg plastic bags in raids carried out on Monday and Tuesday.

Of the total 300 tonnes waste the civic body collects, more than 5 per cent is plastics.

An awareness will be created among people against the use plastic bags, plastic coated plates, plastic cups, and other plastic items. These plastic items choke the flow of sewage and create sanitation problems.

Hence people should desist from using plastics with less than 40 microns thickness, the officials said.

Though the corporation enforced the ban on plastics from January 2013, lack of awareness among the producers and consumers and poor monitoring led to ineffective implementation. Officials said that manufactures would be sensitised to the health implication of using plastic bags so that the production could be curbed.

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