ugg australia 250 videos filmed in 3 months

250 videos filmed in 3 months

Dhiraj Bhatnagar Jitendra Sharma

The shameful Jaipur guest house sleaze case has raised questions about the fate of as many as 256 porn clips of couples filmed by its manager. While there are concerns whether he had allegedly posted it on internet, speculations are rife that the accused might have sold it to an international crime syndicate.

The City of Jaipur on Thursday was rocked by the scandal with the arrest of 23 year old Dilip Chaudhary, who managed Royal Guest House. Hailing from Basti district of Uttar Pradesh, Chahudhary reportedly filmed young couples via secret cameras installed in set top boxes of the room no. 202. He had also placed a 16 GB memory card in the device.

As the case unfolds and more details have surfaced, it has been discovered that Chaudhary used to only allot the room to young lovers and couples on honeymoon. He would seek complete details of the customers viz name, telephone numbers, addresses etc. It is believed that numerous evil desig ugg australia ns musthave been at the back of his mind. The possibility of him planning to blackmail the couples in return for money cannot be ruled out. After all, he had reportedly made more than 25 ugg australia ugg australia 0 videos in just three months.

It is now known that Dilip had threatened the guesthouse owner Vimal Kumar of posting entire clips on the internet if n ugg australia ot given a sum of Rs one lakh. As a result, Kumar panicked and informed the police about the whole episode.

The cyberspace is home to millions of explicit content which is posted every day. The content mostly features intimate moments spent by couples inside closed rooms. These videos are secretly filmed by conmen who rake in moolahs in exchange for the clips. The network is spread from India to the US

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