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250 dialysis fluid bags

Thank you to everyone who has been reading the blog and special thanks to the fellow dialysis patients and nurses for their contribution. I hope my blog will inspire people on dialysis and with medical conditions that anything is possible with proper planning and that a serious medical condition does not mean you cannot do the things you want to do.

I like to finish my blog by putting together my top tips for travelling on dialysis. Please continue to send through your stories/ questions/ comments despite my trip being over.

1. Make sure your doctors and nurses are fully briefed on your travel plans before you leave and that you have medical documentation regarding your condition/medicatio ugg australia n/treatment if something should happen whilst you are away. Some airlines will also require medical clearance forms to be completed weeks in advance of your air travel (I needed to do these for Qantas). Best to check with your airline when booking tickets to prevent any issues.

2. I had all my dialysis fluid bags delivered to my various collection points around Europe before I left Australia by Baxter. This way I was sure they had been delivered and there would be no issues once I left. In Australia Baxter require at least 3 months notice for overseas deliveries and cannot deliver to all countries best to speak to Baxter if you are thinking of travelling to get advice.

3. Always carry all your medication on you as hand luggage and keep in original boxes with medication details. Also carry your medical documents.

4. I used door handles/an S hook, a coat hanger on a curtain rail and even took pictures off walls to use the hook to hang my dialysis bags on. Other people have also recommended using a camera tripod if you have one.

5. I carried a roll of garbage bags with me to put my medical waste in (used bags etc). This was very handy a ugg australia s hotel bins are small!

6. Hiring a car is a must if you are traveling around different places as carrying the dialysis is very heavy and bulky. We hired a roof capsule which was perfect for storing bags and held 3 weeks worth of fluid. Taking the bags out of the boxes is also helpful to fit in the car.

7. When we were traveling without the car we carried the dialysis bags in big bags with wheels. They were very heavy and hard to manage so we needed to get taxi to and from airports/stations. This can be expensive and needs to be worked into your travel budget.

8. Excess baggage will most likely be required as most airlines allow 1 x 23kg bag per passenger. Make sure you organise this in advance and allow plenty of time at the airport. Despite many phone calls to the airline before I left confirming my excess baggage I had issues on every flight with the ground staff being unaware. It all was fine after explaining the situation to the customer desk but this took extra time.

9. I travelled with a Baxter heating panel to heat my bags. This was very easy and small to carry. Make sure you have adaptors for each of the countries you are visiting. I always had 2 bags on the heater at a time.

10. I had a mobile phone and Skype (calls made over the Internet) on me whilst travelling. This is a must if you have a medical condition. I used this many times to call the hospital back home when I had concerns.

11. I went into a dialysis unit in the UK as I forgot my mini caps on an overnight trip and they gave me some. If you run into issues search for a dialysis unit in the area the first hospital I went to did not have a PD unit and so I had to go elsewhere.

12. This tip is something I wish I had done. I suggest have written down in the languages of all the countries you are visiting, a small blurb about your condition what your tube is (I was searched at an airport and nearly taken into an interview because I could not explain what the tube was coming out of my stomach in Prague)/ what the fluid is/ what the heating panel is etc. This is helpful to show hotels/ airports or anyone who may question your fluid. It must have looked strange to the hotel cleaners when they saw it heating!

13. Wet ones or antibacterial wipes were handy to wipe down surfaces before dialysing and also generally for washing hands before meals etc. If you are like me with a weaken immune system this is especially important!

14. If you will be doing any activities outside your usual best to check with your nurse. I went horse riding in Spain and was told to go riding with no fluid in me as it could increase chance of getting a hernia if I had my usual 2LT inside me. I glad I checked this first!

Happy travels! Be sure to let me and other PD patients know how you are going by adding onto this blog!

Dialysis to live, don live to do dialysis!

Thanks for your comments Sue, I do not have a family yet however admire your attitude regarding not letting PD prevent you from living life to the full with your kids.

I agree the machine is much more convenient I am enjoying being back on it now I am home, as you say once you are up there is no more dialysis for the day. It did get abit annoying towards the end of my trip doing bags I was only on 3 a day however would find due to being out all day I would be up very late at night doing my last 2 bags.

On the flip side, bags can sometimes be a good option when taking the machine is not possible such as my trip overseas!

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

i just been on dialysis for 2 months in bendigo and my pd nurses told me about your blog, i was on pd for two weeks but my tenkoff buggered up so i had to have another op and hopefully i be back on the bags next week. your blog has been so inspirational to me as i a born gypsy and have travelled at the drop of a hat my whole life i feeling trapped by diaysis your trip looks wonderful and somewhat daunting with all the organisation required and lugging fluid about, but you did it fantastic! i hoping to be able to get up to sydney by car for a week over xmas to see my family. my first small step out in to the world thankyou for blogging and for your tips at the end just reading your blogs makes me feel less alone in this and more hopeful for life i doing my workups for a transplant at the ausitn in melbourne, so maybe we will meet some day. until then congratulations on your trip and your impending marriage and thankyou again for taking the time to write it all down and share it.

cheers and much love to you deb

I hope your 2nd operation goes well. PD is not so bad once you get used to it and get into a routine with it. I find it a lot better than hemodialysis as I can fit my dialysis into my schedule and still do the things I want to do. Will you do manual bags or machine? I found dialysis relatively easy to travel with (I do machine at home and doing bags became a little annoying towards the end but still easy to travel with), a trip like mine for 3 months overseas required a lot of planning before I left, however I have done some smaller trips to QLD and weekends away by either taking my machine or manaual bags, as long as you take everything you need with you. Enjoy your trip to Sydney for Christmas, don let dialysis make you feel trapped, for the most part there hasn been anything I have not been able to do that I wanted (except swimming in a pretty merky river whilst away probably for the best!), the nurses are amazing in the PD units and can help you organise almost anything you want to do!

Just wanted to say welcome back and glad you guys had a great time. Thanks for inspiring so many of us on dialysis to keep on truckn My transplanted kidney of 13 years, from my mum, just failed. I was on heamo for 6 years prior from ag ugg australia e 18. Im now 37 and have been having heamo for 3 months through a hickman line as I had my fistula removed years ago. A week ago I had a PD tube inserted and a nefrectomy of the transplant. I am feeling a bit sorry for myslef as I am still in quite a bit of pain still and getting used to this tube sticking out of my belly.

My hubby and I live in the beautiful south west area of the Margaret River Wine region. I dont get to use my tube for at least another 3 weeks until it fully heals. I just cant wait to jump into the ocean as we are surrounded by the most beautiful coastline. Hoping another kidney isn too far away, but like most of us, just trying and make the most of life while waiting. PD sounds so much better in regards to travel, diet, fluid restrictions etc. Have a merry xmas with your new fianc. Ive been married 10 years and its the best.

Your blog was encouraging for me because my husband has been wanting to go to Austrailia and I wasn sure if I could do it or not. My Dialysis nurse ugg australia said I could manage the 18 hr plane trip w/o dialysis since I have such good urine output still. I have been on several cruises to the Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska, etc. and things have always worked out w/my dialysis supplies being delivered to my stateroom, etc. Some of the older dialysis machines can be taken on a ship due to the motion but the newer ones work great. Also, manual works, too. I use a portable warmer from I carry it on w/me on airplanes, etc. Also, a portable IV pole can be carried on w/it.

Keep up the traveling!!! I always tell people the same thing about Dialysis and doing whatever you want to do in life!!! Go for it!!!

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