ugg 125kg of heroin seizedOffi

125kg of heroin seized

Officials said on Friday that they had made one of the biggest heroin busts in the country’s history, and had seized 125 kilograms of the narcotic that was found in ugg a refrigerated shipping container in the East Warf. The seized amount is valued at $0.55 million on the domestic market and $13.75 million on the international market.

During a press conference detailing the haul, Mohammad Ibrahim Vighio of the Model Customs Collectorate of Exports said that custom officers had found the heroin while examining a consignment of 5,400 bags of onions destined for Malaysia.

Custom officers found the heroin, concealed by solution tape and balloons, inside pouches that had been placed inside the onion bags. A total of 830 such pouches were recovered, each weighing between 145 grams and 155 grams, with a g ugg < ugg /strong>ross weight of 125 kilograms. Initial tests identified the substance as heroin powder.

The clearing agent, Khalil Muqtadir, and one of his employees were arrested. They revealed during questioning that the container had been filled at Janjal Goth Warehouse, located near New Sabzi Mandi. Further investigations revealed that the consignment had been handed over to the clearing agent by two person ugg s, named Azhar and Jaffar.

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