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120 Water Cooling Kit

Swiftech was founded in 1994 as a company providing routine maintenance and R for high end Unix computers with a background in engineering. Since then, Swiftech has made a seamless transition into a company known around the world for producing some of the highest quality enthusiast water cooling components anywhere.

Swiftech’s innovative products have kept them on the forefront of the water cooling world. When there is advancement in water cooling technology, Swiftech has always been one of the few companies consistently leading the way. Swiftech’s water cooling products were not only some of the first commercially available water cooling produc ugg ts, but as our first (water block round up 2 years ago) shows, they have also consistently been a performance leader in the industry.

The H20 120TM series CPU liquid cooling kits continue our tradition of plug a ugg nd play high performance systems, by bringing to power users the efficiency and quiet operations of a carefully matched 120mm radiator and fan. Whereas the H20 120TM cooling kits will readily install in most chassis featuring at least one 120mm fan opening, they can also be installed without case modifications in almost any desktop computer by using our optional patent p ugg ending MCB120TM “Radbox”. Reliability of the kits is guaranteed by the new MCP650TM pump featuring a 5 year lifetime. The H20 120TM series CPU cooling kits include a number of options to accommodate most configurations, from serious to extreme cooling.

Swiftech products have undergone several design changes over the years to push the pace in the ever changing PC water cooling market. The H20 120 cooling kit is the latest design in a long line of water cooling products. Our job is to see how well the H20 120 compares to the competition and to see if it lives up to the Swiftech name and reputation.

Swiftech uses a nice “double box” method to ship their products. This prevents unwanted shipping damages and insures that your kit arrives at its destination unharmed. We coined the term “double boxed,” because the product is initially packed securely into the retail packaging (seen below) which is then placed into another shipping box filled with packing material. While most companies settle for slapping a shipping label on the retail packaging and calling it good, Swiftech doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to shipping.

The waterblock base features a thin pin design (281 pins)

The block is an all C110 copper construction, to exploit the high thermal conductivity characteristics of this metal

“Monolithic” construction: the base and housing are brazed together, assuring long term integrity of the joint

The all copper construction eliminates galvanic corrosion

100% quality control at the assembly line level: each block is factory tested to 25 psi (1.7 bars) to guarantee zero defect.

The 2.5″ x 2.5″ form factor enables the same block to be used with all current microprocessors in the Desktop and Server markets

The MCW6000 is a huge departure from the Swiftech blocks we have come to know over the last few years. Gone is the two peice design of anodized aluminum tops bolted to a copper base. The new design features a much smaller (2.5″ x 2.5″) footprint with an all C110 copper build. Both the upper and lower portions of the block are made from copper and brazed together for what Swiftech calls “Monolithic” construction.

The MCW6000TM waterblock is an extreme duty liquid cooling solution for high end microprocessors. Our engineering team focused on optimizing five essential design features: performance, reliability, compatibility, convenience, and cost. This is accomplished without sacrificing the essential performance and quality features demanded by high performance after market and OEM users alike.

Swiftech also offers an option they call a “RadBox”. The radbox is essentially a metal cage that holds the radiator / fan combo and allows the unit to ugg be mounted outside your PC case. The RadBox is a great idea for smaller / cramped cases but will not work with all cases. If you have the provision for a 120mm fan on the back of your case, the “RadBox” is a straight bolt on solution. If not, the “RadBox” may not be for you unless you are willing to do some modifications or use a custom made adapter plate for mounting. Also provided with the vinyl tubing are what Swiftech calls “Coolsleeves.” Coolsleeves are basically hard plastic “coils” that can be used over the top of the clear vinyl hose to prevent kinking. While Coolsleeves are definitely cool and an interesting addition to this kit, they are not required unless you plan to bend the hose at unnaturally sharp angles. Swiftech also includes 10 small tube inserts that slide into the end of the vinyl tubing to insure a tight fit when the hose is inserted into the quick connect fittings.

Overall installation of the Swiftech H20 120 is very straightforward and will vary from application to application but the basics are all the same. As with any water kit installation it is extremely important to situate and test fit the components in the place you plan on installing them. Test fitting the components allows you to make sure the parts will fit and also makes it much easier to measure and cut the required tubing more accurately. Remember it is always better to measure twice and cut once.

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