ugg 118 pounds and 31 inches GONE

118 pounds and 31 inches GONE

Our Healthy Lifestyle Challenge has just wrapped up its 4th week. (Though through the magic of television and editing, you won be seeing this on the News Hour until the week of March 23.) Today we had our first monthly check in appointment with the dietitians at St. Paul Healthy Heart Centre. WOW!!

The results have been no less than astounding. Collectively, the 17 of our 21 participants present at today meeting have lost 31.6 inches and 118 pounds!

What even more amazing is how great everyone is feeling about the eating and exercise programs. All of them have said it has been easier than they thought to make these healthy lifestyle changes. So what your excuse????

Stephanie Sussey Superstore Healthy Eating Plan, waist circumference down 2.5cm

You know those jeans or other clothes you keep in your closet even though they haven fit for a few years? Well in December, I made the decision to get rid of it all. In typical Stephanie fashion, I bagged them up and put them in my coat closet for the next time Big Brothers calls. I haven heard from them and on Wednesday I decided to dig back into them. And finally, the infamous jeans fit!!! I worn them 3 times since! LOL. My eating plan is one that I would reccomend to anyone. It tatsy and good and reasonably priced. Kudos to the Superstore.

Mel Caldwell GI Diet, waist circumference down 4cm

I have lost about 9 pounds since beginning the Li ugg festyle Challenge. I certainly feel better an ugg d my clothes are fitting much less snugly as well. The GI Diet is easy to follow and it is very filling. The recipes in the back of the book are easy to make and certainly don taste like diet food.

I have really found that the portion control has been somewhat easy to adhere to. I find myself measuring out 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup of rice or pasta. And the deck of cards idea to stimulate the portion of meat is also easy to follow. I think my stomach must be shrinking I find it is more than enough of a dinner now. The f ugg irst couple of days seemed much more difficult.

Did I tell you about adding the 101 stairs to my walk? I done a few days this week where I did the stairs twice so I believe I up to 606 stairs for the week my goal is to be able to do 1010 for the week.

I added a new goal for increasing activity. This week I have not used the elevator at all. Even if I carrying bags, coffee and an umbrella, I use the stairs all the time.

I also noticed since I b ugg een eating healthier and exercising, my mind seems to be a lot clearer and my thinking sharper. I am much more focused at work.

Deanna Bayne Weight Watchers, waist circumference down 7.5cm

Discipline has always been something I have wanted in my life and with weekly Weight Watchers weigh ins, weekly group fit classes, weekly updates to Elaine and Junior at Endorphin Junkies, the discipline is coming along swimmingly. No pun intended I not that strong a swimmer. But my power walking is coming along great. Every workday morning by 7am, I out with the dog walking a frenzied pace and working up a sweat. I walke the Endowment Lands and honestly it become the best part of my day. Even better than eating. And that something for me!

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